Fashion & Editorial: Nyoka

In my quest to shoot more fashion oriented images, I spent many hours looking at editorial magazines in the hopes of finding some inspiration for my next photoshoot. I quickly realized that i wanted to do a shoot that was reminiscent of a Fashion Campaign, very editorial with a commercial feel. After determining what the theme of the shoot was going to be, I quickly started to create a mood board, that would consist of the types of clothes that would fit well for the photoshoot.

Once I had my theme and clothes in mind, it was time to find a model. After careful consideration I decided to contact my friend and muse Nyoka. We had worked together on many occasions and created some amazing photos. After telling her what my vision was, she was excited and also told me that she had the same types of clothing that I wanted to use on the shoot. We quickly got the team together and planned a date for the shoot.

Below are the highlights from our Fashion/Editorial Shoot. Enjoy!

Fashion Editorial: Vanessa B

In early December 2015, I had the opportunity to work with the amazing and beautiful Vanessa B. There were two major reasons that caused me to want to do a photoshoot with Vanessa. The first being that she was always supportive of my photographic work, and she showed this by always liking my posts on Facebook and on Instagram. This caused me to take notice and to find out who this young lady was, which takes me to my second reason, she is flat out stunning. I knew that I had to do a photoshoot with her and so I contacted Vanessa. We were both excited to work with each other and we started to exchange ideas for the shoot. After communicating back and forth, we decided to do a fashion oriented shoot.

For this photoshoot I brought along Kimesha Harding who handled the makeup and Ryan Gentles was my lighting and creative assistant. Vanessa also brought her aunt to the photoshoot. We had a very fun time capturing some amazing photos and everyone present contributed heavily to the results that you see below. Also you will see a few behind the scenes pics.

Fashion & Editorial: Chantal

In May 2015, I had the opportunity to work with Chantal Thompson. A member of my team saw one of Chantal’s photos on an instagram post and thought she would be perfect as a model. After contacting Chantal and explaining the vision for the photo-shoot, she was all in. I enlisted the help of talented Makeup Artist Kimesha Harding and my
good friend Kamoy Mclean assisted with lighting and creative direction. Chantal’s lively, bubbly and risque personality added fun and laughter to the shoot. Below are the results from the shoot.

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